For the price of a cup of coffee a week you can provide a place for a pair of kiwi to thrive.



Name your kiwi and be part of your kiwi’s journey that supports it from the egg until it is a breeding adult.



You really can and will make a difference. From trapping to track maintenance, join us and help our kiwi.

Purangi Kiwi

Our project at Purangi in East Taranaki covers 13,000 hectares and is home to over 500 pair of western brown kiwi. Our ongoing predator control allows the population to continue to increase.

This is a success story turning a declining population into one which is growing and is a national stronghold for the future of the North Island Western Brown Kiwi. We are unashamedly parochial, as a community we feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for our kiwi and are proud to be called a kiwi.

We need to continue to protect and enhance our terrestrial environment for the long term survival of our kiwi. They are the indicator species for our other native species. Our vision is 1,000 pair by 2020. We plan to re-introduceKokako to flourish beside our kiwi population.

We want our wider community to see our kiwi, to be part of the kiwi story. Our advocacy role will see an increase of interaction between people and kiwi; to engage people in the kiwi struggle and to share with them being up close and personal with live kiwi. We want the wider community to have the opportunity to see and touch kiwi so they too can experience the emotional high of being with our national iconic bird.





Our field centre at Purangi which is 40km inland from Inglewood, we have developed a fantastic walk. Come and experience walking through farmland, beside a meandering creek, admire majestic Rimu trees.  Bring lunch and spend the day in the forest, or enjoy the shorter walk.



There is always something happening, this section on our web changes monthly, so keep checking. October is national kiwi month we have lots happening for children and adults. Join us for fun and to support our kiwi.

This is an exciting space to be in. Our work ranges from “kids and kiwis” with our annual Sparky the kiwi visit, to using technology to engage via our web site. We are developing educational resources which fit within the New Zealand curriculum, and our project base at Purangi.


August 2017.....

Other Ways You Can Help


This is an opportunity for your company to contribute to a well-established Project and be recognised for responsible stewardship of New Zealand and its iconic species. Become a kiwi supporter and be part of the journey with opportunities to be actively involved.



Our budget does not stretch to everything we need. You can help our project, our volunteers and contractors by helping us to purchase key items for in the field work.



Our vision is to have everyone in our community proudly support our conservation work and display their association with us to their customers, clients, friends and family. Become a Member and provide a kiwi with a safe home and protected environment all year long with a monthly donation.


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